“Edda Berg is the name of my grandmother, a seamstress like her grandmother Teresa and her mother Raffaella. After years spent by her side playing with needle and thread, I felt a sort of sudden revelation, an urge to go back to my origins, to rediscover the pace of simplicity and beauty, of work done slowly and attentively, an enhancement of the senses – sight and touch above all. With these ideas in mind, a project today shared by others who love and believe in all this is growing day by day…”

Ilaria Grossi - Creative Director

The brand Edda Berg was born in 2016. Clothes having a simple, breezy design, an ironic femininity to them, worn by friends in the midst of colored cushions, natural light coming from the windows and a good cup of coffee. To those carefree afternoons belong the first important meetings that opened the doors to immense worlds such as the universe of fashion shows.

Just after its foundation, Edda Berg walks incredulously on the runways of Montecarlo and creates clothing for exceptional testimonials that appreciate its style and origins firmly rooted in tailoring tradition. Thanks to its appeal, it is making headway in Italian and foreign boutiques.



“Edda Berg is a brand of women’s apparel.
It is a creative project and a life project.
Edda Berg is simple and refined elegance for every age.
It is the enticing discovery of original details and combinations.
Edda Berg is dressing well, favoring authentic and responsible fashion.
It is the lively exchange with expert seamstresses and pattern makers.
Edda Berg is love for life and the desire to live it to fullest directly on the skin.
It is eternal passion for the beauty of simple, well-made articles.”

Ilaria Grossi - Creative Director

Edda Berg is a brand created by women for women, animated by a shared passion for tradition and roots. The love for all beautiful, finely made things is embodied by working in close contact with local production companies with the intent of fostering true Made in Italy.

A nucleus of seamstresses and tailors is committed to creating models and prototypes on a daily basis, in a laboratory immersed in the greenery of the Lucca countryside. Skilled hands that give life to exclusive Edda Berg signature apparel, dedicating the same minute care and attention to collections designed for stores as to the unique custom creations.



“Have you ever asked yourself where the dress you are wearing comes from? How many people are involved in its creation? The very drawing of a sketch sees the rendezvous of pattern makers and seamstresses & tailors around a large table. Work continues with the choice of fabrics, buttons, ribbons. And then the comings and goings to the labs, the daily contact with people, the shared quest for solutions and the consistent control of production at every phase. Just like in a choir, each voice has its own importance…”

Ilaria Grossi - Creative Director

For Edda Berg, the rediscovery of Italian tailoring tradition is a promise it keeps on a daily basis, and continues with the collaboration of highly specialized local workers, generating value and employment in the territory.

The artisan dimension of the work is flanked by the use of quality fabrics selected in historic Italian and European companies, rigorously certified, that supply materials destined to gratify the wearers in the name of a precious, timeless women’s fashion.

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